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Hi, I'm Sarah, CD(DONA)

My Philosophy
My Training

BA Health Communication

UNC Charlotte 2017

Certified Birth Doula, CD(DONA)

DONA International 2020

Diploma of Childbirth Education

DONA International 2020

Holistic Health Coach, INHC

Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2023

Birth is an ancient and sacred rite of passage into motherhood. As such, I have great respect for the power and wisdom of the female body.  The tools needed for birth reside within us already and I work to help womxn develop the deep sense of self-trust needed to access those tools. Womxn who are well supported and respected during birth report a greater sense of maternal satisfaction and confidence. I provide each of my clients with non-judgmental support for the birth she/they envisions, so that womxn and families can bring babies into this world with confidence, beauty, and love. 

My Story

After graduating with a BA in Health Communication at UNC Charlotte, I still felt unsure of the path I was meant to take. I pursued my passion for travel and moved to Australia for a year, where I worked as an au pair, a Home Health Aide, and a Housekeeper at a yoga retreat center. I then relocated to New York City for a year where I worked as a Nanny & Personal Assistant. My love of working with children and families developed when I, too, was a child babysitting the children of my mother's friends.  My enjoyment has developed into a passion through the time spent with various families. I consider it one of my strengths to be able to find 'family' wherever I go.

I like to pursue world travel, to read novels, and to spend time with my fur baby and my own family. I use my free time to practice yoga, cook, garden, and to be barefoot in nature. Linearity is an idea that I've always resisted. I consider myself to be a dreamer, an adventure seeker, a wanderer, and a go-getter. I have backpacked around Europe, skydived in New Zealand, hiked a volcano in Bali, scuba dived in Australia, and spent months wandering through SouthEast Asia. In retrospect, though, I believe every event and every job pointed me straight to my current work as a Doula. Meeting womxn from around the world and coming to understand their perspectives on birth and children affirms that it is my heart's calling and a beautiful way to connect with others.

Yoga Instructor, RYT200

House of Om 2023 

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