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Sibling Doula Package

Free consultation 

I am available for one FREE consultation via Zoom or in person to see if we are a good match and to assess your families needs for childcare support during labor.

Phone & email support 

From the moment you hire me, I will be available 24/7 to support you and answer any questions via phone, email, or text.

2 prenatal visits 

At the first prenatal appointment, we will discuss a proposed birth plan for the older child(ren) and how I will assist in that plan and care for the child(ren). We’ll create a plan of action for birthing time and assess your postpartum support and anticipated needs. At the second prenatal appointment, the main goal is to establish trust and familiarity with your child(ren) while preparing for their care during your birthing time.

Continuous childcare

When you are in labor, I will meet you at your birth place and provide continuous support and care for your children. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

I will answer any and all questions regarding the birth and care of the newborn and ensure your older child(ren) is adjusting to their new sibling.

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